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Here, you will find many feminist guides, knowledge tools, videos, and infographics on various feminist issues, available in English and Arabic.

This platform will be continuously updated with new resources developed with or through our partnerships in the region, or produced by WILPF’s programs and our regional partners.

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Patching Holes in Peace Mediation — Badael



Patching holes in Peace Mediation: Weaving Feminist Political Action II — Accountability and Legitimacy
Capturing the outcomes of a forum aimed at reimagining feminist political actions in Syria, this publication by Badael focuses on legitimacy and accountability as unavoidable peace mediation process questions. The report captures the participants’ visions for accountable and legitimate peace mediation in Syria and identifies questions to consider for enhancing legitimacy and accountability in peace mediation more broadly.



Political Is Persona Ep13 — War Economies Through a Feminist Lens: Between Syria, Yemen, and Palestine
This episode episode features an engaging discussion with feminist activists from Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. Together, we examine how women in these regions navigate and reshape their economic environments amidst ongoing political upheaval and societal challenges.



Wait A Minute Ep5 — How Do Wars, Armament, and Poverty Feed Into Each Other?
Powerful voices from Yemen, Palestine, and Syria came together during CSW68 to challenge this year’s theme of gender equality through poverty reduction by spotlighting the often-overlooked issues of militarisation and armament. MENA feminist activists expose how the war economy controls all resources, exacerbating poverty and disrupting access to essential services, aid, and resources in conflict-affected contexts. They advocate for a feminist economic framework as a vital and necessary approach to breaking the vicious cycle of war and poverty.
CSW panel video cover



CSW68 Panel — Beyond Survival: Honoring The Leadership of Syrian Women Amidst The 2023 Earthquakes
In this thought-provoking panel, organised on the sidelines of CSW68, we honored the resilience and leadership of Syrian women in the aftermath of the 2023 earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. We delved deep into the disaster’s impact through a feminist lens, exploring the intricate interplay of conflict, war, and politics.
Earthquake Podcast Cover



Political Is Persona Ep12 — Beyond Survival: Between War, Politics, and the Earthquake
In this episode, we unpack the intersectional dynamics of natural disasters, conflicts, and the politicisation of aid, through the experiences of inspiring Syrian women who witnessed and participated in the response to the 2023 earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.
Beyond Survival — Bushra's Story


Bushra’s Story: A Syrian Mother’s Tale of Leadership and Resilience Amidst Syria Earthquake
In this episode of Beyond Survival, meet Bushra, a Syrian mother whose strength and leadership shone brightly in the aftermath of the 2023 earthquakes. Bushra’s story is a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of women in crisis situations, highlighting the urgent need for gender-sensitive approaches in disaster response and recovery.
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Bullying is any abusive practice or behaviour directed by an individual or group of individuals towards another individual or group. Bullying can be considered a form of harassment that is more frequent and systematic. It aims not only to violate the receiving party, but also to belittle them. Bullying is characterised by being targeted at a person or group of people, while harassment need not be targeted.


Harassment/Taharrush is a group of unwanted abusive practices that are threatening to the recipient by their very nature. Unlike bullying, harassment need not be targeted. It may take place directly or indirectly, so that it creates an atmosphere of distress, heaviness, and insecurity.


Assault is any actual or attempted aggressive act that deliberately violates or threatens the physical space of an individual or group. It is often believed that assault is limited to direct physical violations only, but as a concept it also includes indirect infringement on personal space.


Exploitation occurs when a person or group of people uses their power, status, or positionality for personal benefit through the use of force, duress, violence, coercion, deceit, or trickery that causes direct or indirect harm to another person or group of people, or to public interest.

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