Listen To and Share Political Is Personal Podcast Episode 8 — MENA Feminisms Across Generations

We invite you to listen to a new episode of “Political is Personal” podcast produced by WILPF MENA programme. In this episode entitled “MENA Feminisms Across Generations”, we talk to three inspiring feminists from different generations about their experiences and views on feminism in the region.

From Palestine to Libya and Yemen, our guests share their ideas on the similarities and differences between feminists of the past, present, and future. How do emerging feminists view the older generations? Do pioneering feminists believe that feminism has become easier in our era? And how do different generations deal with some sensitive issues that have emerged recently in feminism, such as homosexuality and abortion?

Join us in this fun and exciting episode to listen to an honest and bold conversation between:

Hooreya Mashoor: founding member of the National Accord Movement and a member of the advisory team for the UN Envoy’s Office in Yemen

Asma Khalifa: Libyan activist and researcher, working in the field of human rights, women’s rights and youth empowerment

Lian Derini: Community organiser at Kyan, and coordinator of the feminist coalition “FADA- Palestinian Women Against Violence”

Political Is Personal: MENA feminisms across generations

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