Read, Watch, and Share Syrian Women’s First-Hand Testimonies and Recommendations from the Syria/Turkey Earthquakes

As we commemorate the first anniversary of the devastating earthquakes in northern Syria and southern Turkey this month, we turn our attention to the untold experiences of Syrian women who faced this calamity with extraordinary resilience and courage. This commemoration is not just about recounting events; it’s an in-depth exploration of the complex interplay between gender, conflict, and natural disasters through the eyes of those most affected.

WILPF campaign #BeyondSurvival brings forth a series of compelling narratives. Each day unveils a new chapter of perseverance and empowerment, presented through a mix of videos, podcasts, analytical insights, and actionable recommendations. This journey promises to be an eye-opening experience in understanding, discovery, and advocacy.

Explore the Untold

Drawing from the invaluable insights and real-life experiences of Syrian women who endured the 2023 earthquakes and their aftermath in both Syria and Turkey, we have sought to provide a profound understanding of the earthquake’s impact through a feminist lens. This involves a critical analysis of how the disaster intertwined with the complexities of gender and conflict. The experiences of resilient Syrian women offer invaluable insights into the challenges they faced, including gender-blind disaster responses, bureaucratic complexities, and the turmoil of political instability and politicisation of humanitarian aid. 

See through their eyes

Experience the harrowing yet inspiring stories of Syrian women, as they share their tales of survival and pivotal roles in disaster response. Our visual narratives aim to capture their challenges and victories post-earthquake. Each video is a portal into their world, revealing the realities of survival amidst gender insensitivity and bureaucratic hurdles.

Listen to Their Insights

There’s no better way to comprehend the intricate dynamics of conflict, gender, and natural disasters than by listening to those who lived through and responded to the 2023 earthquakes. Tune in to their powerful insights in the latest episode of “Political is Personal.”

Be a Part of the Change

Our campaign is more than a collection of stories; it’s a call to action. Join us in redefining disaster management through the eyes of Syrian women. Together, we can push for policies and practices that are sensitive to gender and conflict dynamics and champion inclusivity and equity.

Previous Campaigns

Read, Watch, and Share Syrian Women’s First-Hand Testimonies and Recommendations from the Syria/Turkey Earthquakes
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