Listen To and Share Political Is Personal Podcast Episode 9 — Breaking the Silence Barrier: A Glimpse into Enforced Disappearances in Yemen and Syria

We invite you to listen to a new episode of the “Political is Personal” podcast produced by WILPF MENA programme.

In this episode titled “Breaking the Silence Barrier: A Glimpse into Enforced Disappearances in Yemen and Syria,” we shed light on the phenomenon of enforced disappearances in conflict contexts from a gender perspective. We explore the experiences of detained women and relatives of the disappeared in Syria and Yemen. We delve into how enforced disappearances disproportionately impact women and girls, from the depths of confinement to the profound effects on families. We also discuss the efforts of leading feminist activists in the fight against enforced disappearances.

Join us for this engaging and thought-provoking episode to listen to a candid and bold conversation with:

Fadwa Mahmoud from the “Families for Freedom” campaign in Syria

Dr. Amat Al-Salam, a Yemeni activist who participated in establishing the Mothers of the Abductees Association and currently leads it

The dialogue is moderated by Thuraya Hajazi, a feminist and political activist, and the director of “Release Me” — an organisation working to empower survivors of violence in the northwestern regions of Syria.

Political Is Personal Episode 7 - Enforced Disappearance

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