4FeministUNSG – We demand a progressive feminist leader!

We all have a role to play in ensuring the next Secretary-General of the United Nations is a true feminist – someone who represents us all.

Join the call for a feminist leader of the United Nations by sharing your opinions and ideas with us in short video recordings. 

  • Why does the UN need a progressive feminist leader?
  • How will a feminist UNSG change the world?
  • How can the Middle East and North Africa region benefit from a feminist UNSG?


Filming and sharing your thoughts has never been easier

Download the WILPF Studio app on your phone from Google Play or the App Store. Sign up. Login. Film. And Upload.

This brief guide explains how to download and use the app.

By entering the project code: FEMINISTSG, you can easily record an answer to one or more of the guiding questions that you will find on the app. The clips will be shared on WILPF’s social media channels. 


If you are willing to participate, send us your videos by 15 May. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Bullying is any abusive practice or behaviour directed by an individual or group of individuals towards another individual or group. Bullying can be considered a form of harassment that is more frequent and systematic. It aims not only to violate the receiving party, but also to belittle them. Bullying is characterised by being targeted at a person or group of people, while harassment need not be targeted.


Harassment/Taharrush is a group of unwanted abusive practices that are threatening to the recipient by their very nature. Unlike bullying, harassment need not be targeted. It may take place directly or indirectly, so that it creates an atmosphere of distress, heaviness, and insecurity.


Assault is any actual or attempted aggressive act that deliberately violates or threatens the physical space of an individual or group. It is often believed that assault is limited to direct physical violations only, but as a concept it also includes indirect infringement on personal space.


Exploitation occurs when a person or group of people uses their power, status, or positionality for personal benefit through the use of force, duress, violence, coercion, deceit, or trickery that causes direct or indirect harm to another person or group of people, or to public interest.

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