WILPF Week of Feminist Action Against Genocide in Gaza

The escalating situation in Gaza has reached a critical point; immediate and continued attention and actions are required. WILPF is spearheading a Week of Action Against Genocide in Gaza from November 9th to 15th to remind the world that Palestine is a feminist issue, demand an immediate ceasefire and call for a two-way arms embargo on the State of Israel.

We stand for intersectional feminism, freedom, human rights and justice for all. Feminist solidarity is our call and our tool to disrupt all forms of violence around the world. But a month has passed since October 7th and the attacks on Gaza continue … so now more than ever we must centre Palestine in our efforts to forge a path to peace built on nonviolence, equal rights and justice.

WILPF Gaza Week of Action Campaign

See this detailed guide on WILPF’s action plan, key dates, and how you can connect and contribute.

You will find letter templates to call for a ceasefire and arms embargo to send to your government officials, important tools and resources to challenge the narrative, ideas and templates for slogans to use in marches, and much more.

WILPF Week of Action Against Genocide in Gaza – WILPF

WILPF WEEK OF FEMINIST ACTION AGAINST GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE 9 – 15 November The situation in Gaza demands urgent attention and action, as the escalation of Israeli hostilities and the […]


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